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About Us

Modernize Solution is a specialist AI consulting company and is your partner on the journey to ROI from the AI revolution.
Our skill is to best fit your Machine Learning solution.
We handpick the most suitable algorithm for your business processes while maximizing your revenue.
We have significant knowledge transfer experience so that we can transfer our knowledge to your employees.

Our passion is
to make people smarter

Harness the Power of AI

Do you feel that everybody else is using artificial intelligence but you just don’t have the knowledge or the resources to do it yourself?

We will spot the best opportunities to generate clear revenue from the machine learning revolution.
Computer Vision? NLP? Anomaly and Fraud Detection? We know it all! Many years of industry experience have taught us how to tackle almost every problem.

Modernize Your R&D

Are you tired of finding that so much of your sprint capacity is wasted on fixing spaghetti code?
Is your firm still deploying manually on virtual machines or scaling your services by yourself?
Do you have performance issues that originate from flawed micro-service integration or bad database query?

We will partner with you to detect caveats and create a roadmap to modernize your R&D performance. Our job is to stay updated on best practices and to take your development to the next level.

Data Strategy Consulting

As data explodes in quantity and complexity companies find it increasingly difficult to unlock its full potential. The business is sometimes unable to use data to answer their questions and data is scattered, disintegrated or unstructured.

We will analyze your current position and identify steps to achieve your intended goal. We will design an optimal architecture and partner with your business to realize the full potential of your data!

Technical Education

A regular software development company will just deliver the project and leave a black box for you to support. We at Modernize Solutions believe that passing the knowledge to your employees is our responsibility.

We can train you in a wide variety of subjects such as software development best practices, data engineering, and, of course, machine learning.


Founding Team

Yasha Neiman
Founder & CEO

After his startup was acquired, Yasha, former CTO of CaboodleAI, decided to bring the AI revolution to as many companies as he can.

Yasha brings more than 13 years of experience in AI, Data and Software Engineering from startups, large corporations, and the military

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Modernize Solutions LTD / Bugrashov 28 st., Tel Aviv Israel

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